Experience extraordinary facial treatments...

...combining the power of organic botanicals with scientific expertise, modern technology and a healing touch to bring forth a vibrant, more beautiful you!

It's finally Fall! The weather is changing and our daily routines and eating patterns also change with the seasons --which means our skin health can benefit greatly from some extra TLC. (How do we get that extra protection from the elements without bogging down our skin with products that may be too heavy for our personal skin requirements?) Now is a great time to schedule a facial with your esthetician to fine tune your personal skin care routine ensuring you look and feel your best through the upcoming Fall/Winter activities. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Two Beauties Holistic Skincare provides facial treatments, dermaplaning, hair removal and brow & lash tinting in an intimate studio located within Salon V off of Winslow Way.

I offer private, customized treatments for all skin concerns with a special interest in maturing skin. While my focus is on providing healthy, results-oriented services for my clients, my massage therapy background assures a restful, nurturing experience.

Two Beauties uses the wonderfully effective 302 Professional Skincare line for all facial treatments. The philosophy behind 302 is to use uniquely formulated topical compounds to stimulate the skin to respond in a healthy, sustainable way. This approach builds a stronger cellular structure, creating more youthful looking skin. What better way to enhance your natural beauty!

Welcome to Two Beauties Holistic Skincare, 


"Loved my first facial at Two Beauties. I was curious. Never had one before. Did not know what to expect.  I was not expecting my face to have that AMAZING feeling like after a straight razor shave, smooth and clean. It was a thoroughly delightful, relaxing respite I will do again."     Tom M.                              

"One of the hands down best facials I've ever had. Being in the biz myself, I'd never had ultrasound enhancements. Holy cow! I was already happy with my skin, more wanting to maintain it. I saw immediate improvement. That day. I'll be back!"     Jessica C.