skincare connections

I want to share special products, places and people with all of you, so keep checking back in as I add to my list of connections.......

Polished at Salon V

Mel Carlsen is now working her nail magic in the ever expanding Salon V location. She brings her many years of expertise in the Cosmetology industry to her new business named Polished! She can be reached at 360-471-9993 to book appointments. AND she is open on the weekend for all you busy gals, how great is that!?

Salon V

Salon V is THE place to go if you want beautiful nails! The atmosphere is relaxing, cozy and fun as your fingers and toes are expertly pampered by Velvet. You will need to book in advance as she is in high demand.

302 Professional Skincare

If you want to learn more about this unique line, read through 302's consumer guide. Not only is there a wealth of information on all their products but there is also an ingredients glossary giving wonderful info on what each ingredient is and what it does for the skin.

Willowtree Market

Willowtree Market has been the 'go to' place for folks looking for health related supplements and products for years now. Heather and her staff are dedicated to offering even more wonderful items - along with their expertise - to help you in your journey to wellness. I often like to suggest products that are taken internally that can support skin vitality and Willowtree is great in making sure they carry my suggested products for you! One of my highly suggested herbs is Manjistha, fantastic for supporting your lymph system, an important element to super looking skin.

Pelindaba Lavender Farm

PLF, located on San Juan Island, is a premier grower of lavender plants, distiller of lavender essential oils and handcrafted of lavender products.

They cultivate all their flowers in their own organically certified fields and extract the essential oils from these flowers in an on-site distillery. From these flowers and essential oils, they hand craft a wide range of botanical, culinary, personal care, therapeutic, household and pet care products. They are committed to using only their own organically grown and certified lavender flowers in all their products.

I mist Pelindaba’s lavender essential oil onto my hot towels used in all my facials as it is great for your skin, soothes overworked nerves and is antibacterial to boot. I love that I can source something so special that is local! They now have a retail store right in downtown Winslow. Go say ‘hi’ to Deb and check out all their great products - lavender chocolate anyone?

Massage Practitioners at StillPoint Center

Susan, Scott and Shannon each provide unique, wonderful massage skills for us folks in need of special attention - and intention - to be at our physical best. How marvelous that something that feels so good is also good for you. Pure bliss! (One of my ongoing fantasies is that I get a massage every week.) They are self employed so contact them individually at the following:

Susan Loftus LMP

Scott Whittaker LMP

Shannon Jacobson LMP     206-226-6381

PrettyStick Beauty

I was thrilled to find a space to open my skincare studio in the heart of BI shopping, especially with having PrettyStick in the same mall. Lari is very committed to providing only quality products to her customers which I really appreciate. In first meeting Lari, I had a long conversation with her and was impressed with the wealth of knowledge and understanding she has regarding skincare and makeup products. She is generous in sharing her knowledge so stop by if you have questions, and of course, check out her wide selection of healthy options for your skin!